Cw: 145
Gw: 110
(Ugw: 100)
Eta: 110 lbs/3 months

I’m returning this blog to a personal weight loss journey and I will log my daily consumption on this blog as well as weekly weight loss. If you find this triggering or is not your cup of tea, please unfollow me. I won’t be responding to negative or unsupportive messages.

I will upload a before and after photo at the end of these 3 months to visualize my progress.


Audrey Hepburn at the Roman Holiday premiere on September 14, 1953
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honey, I’m home

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Michaela Kohutova @ Union Model Management
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That ram tattoo.
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Chicago will always be my home no matter where I end up. 

I want to go there
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love the little bow! omg! want!
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