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It genuinely terrifies me when blogs I love aren’t updated for days, and then months, and then (eventually) years. I’ve been using tumblr for about five years, I think, and every so often I check up on certain people in the hopes that they’re still posting and often they’re not. And I want to cry sometimes because there’s no way of knowing they’re okay. Especially the blogs of those who don’t eat, don’t sleep, don’t hope… to be honest, even a single post now and then would be wonderful because then I’d know that those beautiful, gentle girls and boys are safe, if just for now.

I posted this two years ago, before I had moved out of the house. And things have changed so much since then. I’m completely different; I don’t know if I like it yet. And it makes me sad. 


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~   Maya Angelou (via aclockworkorange)

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Audrey Hepburn at the Roman Holiday premiere on September 14, 1953
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honey, I’m home

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Michaela Kohutova @ Union Model Management
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